Hi, my name is Jade Rickerts. I’m 27 year old, currently working at Sefalana Cash & Carry (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd as a business analyst. I started working at Sefalana on the 1st of July 2014, starting out as a creditors clerk and worked my way up the corporate ladder from creditors clerk, to creditors supervisor, to creditors manager and finally to business analyst in about two and a half years.

In high school I was very good with numbers, obtaining distinctions in both Mathematics Higher Level and Accounting Higher Level. I still wasn’t sure what career to head into at that stage of my life (I wanted to do something in IT though), so I did what most students my age was going for, chartered accounting. After a couple of months studying accounting at the University of Johannesburg in 2009, I realized that accounting was not for me, but I couldn’t just quit because I had a bursary from one of the top 4 audit firms in Namibia.

At the men’s residence I stayed in, I was known as the resident IT Guy because students from my residence as well as other residents would come to me for help with their computer problems. I was on the network team and help setup our wired local area network.

In 2013, due to personal reasons I cannot share here, I moved back to Namibia. I was in my final year of studies but had difficulty transferring my credits to a university in Windhoek due to financial reasons. I decided to start from scratch, took an aptitude test and discovered my true passion, which was computer software development. The test wasn’t that specific, there were other options I can’t quite recall right now, but software development stood out for me because it meant I could with computers everyday.

I registered to study a computer science degree at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Polytechnic of Namibia at the time) and the rest was history. Next year (2017) will be my final year. I’ve taught myself a couple of programming languages in my free time like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript through online courses at sites like and other mobile apps. I learned how to use C# and Java at school.

I designed a couple of websites in the past as well. Two websites that I created for a friend called Barefoot Online Store and Globuild Investment.

In the near future I see myself developing apps, for mobile (iOS & Android) and PC. I see myself setting up and running websites. One day I’d like to host websites myself. I like working with databases and figuring out ways to set up a database to get all the information efficiently. I like learning new programming languages. My favourite one is C#.


C Sharp
C Plus Plus